Common area Kitchen

Shared kitchen available 24 hours a day for guests.

Microwave oven, electric kettle, induction cooktop, toaster, tableware, cutlery, cutting board, some seasonings, shared refrigerator, hot plate, cutting board, knife, pot, wine opener are available.

Common area Lounge

A lounge with two restaurants specializing in take-out and delivery.

The lounge is available 24 hours a day for guests.

Wi-Fi and power outlets are available.

Common area Laundromat

Automatic detergent loading system

* The entire building is cashless, but only the laundry requires cash. Laundry service only requires cash. Currency exchange is available at the front desk. Please understand in advance.


Due to our cashless system, CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED.

The following payment methods are accepted.

Various credit cards, electronic money for transportation, iD, QUICPay, QR code payment (PayPay, LINE Pay, au PAY, WeChat Pay, Alipay+, d-payment, J-Coin Pay, etc.)

Cash is only accepted at laundromat.

A dormitory room is a shared room, similar to a capsule hotel.

You will share a shower room, restroom, and washroom with other guests.

There will be a key box at the front desk, so all you need to do is put your room card and room key in the box and you will be checked out.

Unfortunately, pajamas are not provided in all rooms. Please bring your own.

We offer free luggage storage only on the check-in and check-out days. If you leave your luggage before check-in day or after check-out day, you will be charged ¥200/day.

Except for Complex Room and Family Room, all room types are not equipped with bathrooms. Please use the shared bathrooms on each floor.

No, towels are not provided in all room types, except for the rooms with private bathrooms (Complex Room and Family Room). You can bring your own towels or rent them at the front desk for 300 yen.